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An all-inclusive bundle of tax news and analysis

Discover NovaTax, the simple, easy-to-use solution for tax practitioners working within small and mid-sized firms. With NovaTax, you'll enjoy premium news and analysis crafted by tax experts at Tax Analysts®.
Affordable Pricing
Unlimited Possibilities
Federal & State News
Federal Tax News by Tax Analysts®
Federal news articles
Covers the most relevant tax topics for small and mid-size CPA firms and solo tax practitioners. Weekly newsletter available.
Weekly email alert
Updated weekly on NovaTax with an option to receive a weekly email alert that you can customize.
State Tax News by Tax Analysts®
State news articles
Daily tax news covering all 50 states and DC. Customizable by topic and state. Weekly newsletter is also available.
Weekly email alert
You have the option to receive a weekly email newsletter that you can customize based on state and tax topics, so you see exactly what matters to you.
Federal Tax Library
Primary law
Comprehensive primary law collection including the code, regulations, IRS rulings and guidance, and tax related court cases.
Expert analysis
Each document is enhanced with expert analysis summaries.
NovaTax's advanced search technology is AI-powered and enables you to find documents easily.
Document classification
Each document is classified by code section and tax topic at issue.
State Tax Library
State documents
Helpful library of State Tax Audit Manuals, all in one easy-to-use interface.
Coming soon
State Tax Codes & Regulations
Best-in-class Features
NovaTax’s state tax code & regulations product provides best-in-class features for any tax practitioner, attorney, government official or corporate tax manager.
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